Gastric Bypass
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Gastric Bypass

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In gastric bypass surgeries, a large part of the stomach is bypassed and a small volume (approximately 30-50 cc) stomach section is prepared and sutured to the small intestines.

In this surgery, as in other bariatric surgery operations, it is aimed to reduce the stomach volume and to disable a part of the intestines and to throw away some of the consumed food without being absorbed. Thus, patients are both satiated with less food and some of the food they take is absorbed.

How is it applied?

Gastric bypass surgery, like other obesity surgeries, is usually performed by laparoscopic method. Surgery is performed by entering through small incisions in the abdomen. Robotic surgery method is also used for gastric bypass surgeries.

Period After Surgery

After surgery, patients can easily feel fullness by taking small amounts of food, and after a while, this satiety turns into loss of appetite.

Total food intake is significantly reduced. Due to the reduced size of the newly formed stomach and reduced food absorption, the instructions of the surgeon and dietitians should be followed for the use of necessary vitamin and mineral supplements.

Thus, the patient can lose weight without losing vitamins and minerals.