Dental health
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Dental health

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Dental surgery is a department that deals with the soft tissue and hard tissues in the oral cavity and performs the diagnosis and surgery of various cystic and tumoral diseases. All treatment areas such as tooth and jaw fractures, removal of impacted teeth, and prosthetics cover dental surgery. Dental surgery is performed using local anesthesia, general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia. Dental implant, dental bridge, all on 4, tooth coating and teeth whitening are the main areas of our dental surgery department.

In our clinic, dental surgical treatments are determined individually and the necessary treatment methods are decided as a result of the examinations to be made by our doctors. Providing regular check-ups in terms of dental and oral health is a process that affects the methods to be used.

Patients suffering from irregular position of the teeth can be treated with orthodontic treatments and/or veneers. In patients who have lost one or more of their teeth, dental implants, bridges or prostheses can be completed.

Our clinic has been successfully performing dental surgery operations with its expert and experienced doctors since 2006. Thanks to the equipment we use, our guest-oriented approach and our experienced medical staff, we have succeeded in treating more than 55 thousand patients from abroad and domestically. With this assurance and experience, our patients laugh better now.